The following Quality Qualifications Ireland accredited programmes are available in the Dublin Adult Learning Centre, subject to demand  and a minimum class size:


National Framework of Awards Level 2 General Learning leading to a major 

Award code – P2GL0

Modules to choose from:

  • Listening and Speaking M2C03
  • Non-verbal Communication M2C04
  • Reading M2C01
  • Writing M2C02
  • Quantity and Number M2N05
  • Food Choice and Health M2H16
  • Setting Learning Goals M2L13


National Framework of Awards Level 3 General Learning leading to a major award 

Award code – 3M0874

Modules to choose from:

  • Communications  3N0880
  • Word Processing   3N0588
  • Digital Media  
  • Internet Skills  
  • Computer Literacy  3N0881
  • Personal and Interpersonal skills 3N0564
  • Application of Number 3N0928
  • Mathematics 3N0929
  • Personal Effectiveness 3N0565


National Framework of Awards Level 3 Information and Communication Technologies Award code – 3M0877 leading to a major award

Modules to choose from:

  • Computer Literacy 3N0881
  • Mathematics 3N0929
  • Application of Number 3N0928
  • Word processing 3N0588
  • Digital Media 3N0552
  • Internet Skills 3N0931
  • Personal Effectiveness 3N0565
  • Communications  3N0880


National Framework General Learning 4 General Learning Award code – 4M2010 leading to a major award


Shared Programme

Modules to choose from:

  • Communications 4N0689
  • Computer Applications 4N1112
  • Functional Mathematics 4N2138
  • IT Skills 4N1125
  • Mathematics 4N1987
  • Personal Effectiveness 4N1132
  • Personal and Interpersonal Development 4N1131
  • Teamworking 4N1169
  • Work Experience 4N1168
  • Work Practice 4N1170


National Framework of Awards level 4 Retail Skills award code – 4M1998 leading to a major award 

Modules to choose from:

  • Communications 4N0689
  • Teamworking  4N1169
  • Workplace Safety 4N1124
  • Stock Control 4N1184
  • Customer Service 4N1989
  • Retail Sales Technique 4N1183
  • Work Experience 4N1168
  • Information Technology Skills 4N1125


National Framework of Awards Level 5 Healthcare Support award code – 5M4339) leading to a major award

Modules  to choose from:

  • Communications 5N0690
  • Safety and Health at Work – 5N1794
  • Work Experience – 5N1356
  • Care Skills – 5N2270
  • Care Support – 5N0758
  • Care of the Older Person – 5N2706
  • Care Provision and Practice – 5N2705
  • Activities of Living Patient Care – 5N3707

DALC Student’s Guide to QQI Awards

Protection of Enrolled Learner (PEL) arrangements are in place with the CDETB.

All programmes are subject to procedures for access, transfer and progression. The following is a graphic indicating access and progression.


Short summer courses starting soon

if you want to improve your skills, or just get out and meet new people, we have the perfect course for you. our new summer course schedule will be launched shortly. Each of the new courses will be part-time and free of charge. Stay tuned for more info. 

To register your interest, call the centre 01-8787266.

Opening Hours

  • Mon. – Thurs. from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Fri. from 9 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.


There are limited crèche places available to students who attend morning classes.